Special Activities

Family Events


The heart at Haltom Christian School is to create opportunities for families to make memories as they learn together. 

Our goal is for parents, students, and teachers to develop relationships with one another as we grow in wisdom and raise our children in the admonition of the Lord. Creating a community to serve and fellowship with one another will strengthen all of our families at Haltom Christian School.

Family activities will be scheduled both during and after school hours. These events will inlcude a Daddy Daughter Dance, Muffins with Mom, Dress Up Story Night, and more!

Annual Thematic Focus


Haltom Christian School implements a school wide thematic unit each year in order to make learning more impactful and engaging. 

During our first year, we will explore Community Helpers such as police officers, firefighters, doctors, and more through exciting activities, special classroom visits, and field trips. 

We want our students to be leaders in their communities, and what a wonderful way to inspire our children to value others above themselves by studying the people who answer the call to serve their communities.

At the end of each unit, students will honor and show appreciation for these selfless people through an act of kindness of their own!

Extracurricular Activities


Haltom Christian School takes advantage of all opportunities outside our core curriculum to engage students through extracurricular subjects such as music, in-depth art classes, physical education, and other hands-on courses.

We teach a love and appreciation for the beauty in music and art through musical and theatrical productions. We make physical activity fun through indoor and outdoor play. 

Extracurricular activities will be introduced on a rotating schedule as children explore through active play and attend various extracurricular classes each week.

Fun for All