Our Foundation

Biblical Worldview


Biblical teaching is woven throughout each subject so that children "may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work"
(2 Timothy 3:17). We teach children biblical precepts so they may develop their moral compass and choose what is right.  

Interactive Learning


Memorable teaching moments engage students of every learning style (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic/hands-on) across all academic subjects using imaginative and sensory centers, STEM activities, living history presentations, field trips, and more.

First Rate Curriculum


At Haltom Christian School we focus on academic fundamentals along with a cross-curricular approach to increase the depth of each student’s understanding across all subjects. Hands-on activities stimulate interest and create a love of learning. 

Small Student-Teacher Ratio


Our educators know students beyond their name as they nurture each child’s character and individual learning style. Families know that their children are loved, guarded, and growing in academic excellence and biblical truths.

Relational Philosophy


Our educational philosophy is one that embraces the belief that our relationship with Christ is of paramount importance. Our relationship with students and parents is equally as important as the content of the curriculum.

Distinctive Model


Fridays are reserved as a homeschool day so that families can contribute to their child’s curriculum and learn alongside each other. Mini lessons and hands-on activities are sent home along with ideas for projects, experiments, and suggestions for everyday learning opportunities.

Honorable Character

The essence of Haltom Christian School revolves around 1 Corinthians 13:8 - Love Never Fails. 

Love is the greatest virtue and demonstration of the reality of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to show a Christ-like love in all that we do. Love is exhibited in our lives by our words and our actions, and this truth is impressed on the hearts of our staff and students. 

Behavior management in the classroom is filtered through the biblical lens of love as well which is why Haltom Christian School utilizes the Honorable Character behavioral management system. Honorable Character provides teachers an opportunity to praise positive behaviors and acknowledge areas for improvement within each student.