Elementary Classes

Haltom Christian School offers programs for children in 1st-2nd grade, and will expand to include 3rd grade in the 2020-2021 school year. Our elementary school program offers a nurturing environment where every child is challenged to meet their fullest potential.  

Classrooms provide an active, vibrant atmosphere where learning is fun and teachers meet each child’s individual learning needs. Small groups and differentiated instruction contribute significantly to the quality of our academic program.

Curriculum Overview


First Grade

  • Bible - Old & New Testament studies explore A Father's Care
  • Health - personal hygiene, manners, safety, nutrition
  • Math - double and triple digit addition and subtraction, word problems, graphing, introduction to fractions
  • History and Geography - study of America's freedoms, symbols, foundation, history, and places of interest
  • Phonics - memorization of phonics and spelling rules, word relationships, mastery of letter coding
  • Reading - brightly illustrated stories engage students and build upon phonetic proficiency 
  • Science - plants, animals, insects, energy, health, seasons, the five senses, STEM activities
  • Spanish - vocabulary, greetings, spelling
  • Spelling and Vocabulary - utilize phonics skills to distinguish how to pair letter sounds, using a dictionary
  • Writing - introduction to cursive writing; grammar rules; writing lessons on imaginative stories, personal narratives, letters, reports, thank-you notes, poems, journal entries


Second Grade

  • Bible - Old & New Testament studies explore A Servant's Heart
  • Health - personal hygiene, nutrition, manners, safety
  • History and Geography - America's flag and freedoms, early America, colonial America, the Declaration of Independence, the American west
  • Math - carrying addition, borrowing in subtraction, roman numerals, introduction to geometry and multiplication
  • Phonics - review of previous material leads to phonetic mastery
  • Reading - emphasis on comprehension and language skills
  • Science - the human body, animals, insects, plants, weather, space, energy, matter, stewardship of the earth, STEM activities
  • Spanish - vocabulary, greetings, spelling, writing practice
  • Spelling and Vocabulary - expand upon phonetic based spelling rules, using a dictionary
  • Writing - cursive writing; writing lessons on expository, procedural, persuasive, and research essays 



Visit our campus or schedule a tour to learn more about enrolling in elementary classes for the 2020-2021 school year. 

elementary highlights

Biblical Integration


Chapel Mondays are a cherished time of fellowship, and daily Bible lessons are often children's favorite part of the day. Teachers integrate every lesson with a biblical truth as children discover who God is and who they are to God.     

Missions Focus


HCS strives to provide opportunities for students to learn the importance of serving others. Whether participating in a canned food drive or writing thank you letters to first responders, our HCS Archers learn the value in considering others above ourselves. 

Special Courses


Students attend specials daily including world language instruction in Spanish, fine arts courses in music and art classes, technology and keyboarding, and S.T.E.M.  education at all levels of instruction. Students also participate in curriculum-aligned field trips and special activities.



HCS implements a research based literacy program with a strong focus on phonics and grammar. An individualized Accelerated Reading program with an emphasis on comprehension and critical thinking develops confident readers at his or her own pace.



Fundamentals of writing begin with the development of fine motor skills, progress into excellent penmanship, and culminate in the ability to write skillfully and creatively.



A hands-on math program with a spiral learning approach that introduces, reviews, and reinforces mathematical concepts empowers students to make practical application of math skills with confidence.  

Projected Growth

Haltom Christian School anticipates a minimum growth of one grade level year over year. However, greater growth is dependent upon interest in higher grade levels. Our ultimate goal is to provide a Christ-centered education from Preschool to Twelfth Grade.